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New Post from Rick Lyons on Linear Phase FIR Filters

DSP instructor Rick Lyons has added a new post to his blog on DSP Related regarding linear phase FIR filters:

This blog discusses a little-known filter characteristic that enables real- and complex-coefficient tapped-delay line FIR filters to exhibit linear phase behavior. That is, this blog answers the question:

What is the constraint on real- and complex-valued FIR filters that guarantee linear phase behavior in the frequency domain?

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New Article on Electrically Small Antennas from Steve Best

Instructor Steve Best has a new article in the recent issue of IEEE Antennas and Propagation magazine titled, Electrically Small Resonant Planar Antennas: Optimizing the Quality Factor and Bandwidth. You must be a member of the IEEE Antennas and Propagation society for free access to the article.

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New Papers from Ali Darwish

Instructor Ali Darwish has co-authored a couple of new papers recently. The most recent one, A Broadband 1-to- N Power Divider/Combiner With Isolation and Reflection Cancellation appears in the IEEE MTT Transactions. You must be a member of the IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques society to get free access.

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Rick Lyons on Using the Forward FFT Algorithm to Compute the IFFT

Instructor Rick Lyons has written a new post on his blog at DSP Related discussing ways that you can use an FFT algorithm to compute the IFFT.

If you need to compute inverse fast Fourier transforms (inverse FFTs) but you only have forward FFT software (or forward FFT FPGA cores) available to you, below are four ways to solve your problem.

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New Post Regarding Goertzel Filters from Rick Lyons on DSPRelated

Instructor Rick Lyons has written a new post on his blog at DSPRelated.com:

I noticed the Wiki web site stated that a Goertzel filter:

"...is marginally stable and vulnerable to
numerical error accumulation when computed using
low-precision arithmetic and long input sequences."

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