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High-Pass Butterworth Filter Design

In this article we will describe the design of a simple high-pass Butterworth filter using normalized prototype circuits. The procedure for designing a filter based on a normalized prototype is quite simple.

  • First, transform the highpass parameters into lowpass parameters.
  • Next, you determine the order of filter that will be needed to fulfill your design requirements, as was done with the lowpass design.
  • Then, tables or formulas list the element values that will produce a lowpass filter of that order with a cutoff frequency of 1 radian/second, with source and load terminations of 1 Ohm connected to it. These are the normalized prototype values
  • Replace each element in the prototype lowpass filter design with its dual element to create a normalized highpass filter design.
  • Formulas are used to scale those values to the actual source and load impedances and to the actual design cutoff frequency.
Once these steps are completed, your basic filter design is done.

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