Satellite Communications

Evolving Satellite Market

The successful landings of Space-X's first stage rockets (and Blue Origin's success as well) signals a major breakthrough in the future reduction of the cost of space access. It seems to reason that this will result in a dramatic increase in the entrepreneurial interest in using satellite-based infrastructure to provide new services to a global audience. For example, companies like Google could deploy wireless internet access using small "cube" satellites that cost much less to build and launch than current systems.

Transceiver and System Design for Digital Communications


Scott Bullock

In this 5th Edition, the author continues to evaluate various novel techniques and design methods for the modulation and transmission of digital data, allowing the readers to gain a firm understanding of the processes needed to effectively design wireless data link communication systems. Since the author regularly runs industry seminars based on this book, he is continuously updating the book material. This edition includes thorough updates of all chapters including all concepts and revised and new figures.

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